Kemp Consulting, LLC
Advancing Excellence in Town-Gown Relations
            Roger L. Kemp, President               
                             Areas of Focus
Roger formed Kemp Consulting, LLC, to provide needed consulting services in the dynamic
and evolving field of Town-Gown Relations.  These services include state-of-the-art city
(town) and college (gown) planning, management, and financial practices.  Highlights of
these services are shown below.
Roger's recent presentations, articles, teaching, and research assignments focus on the
"best practices" being used in the following fields related to Town-Gown Relations.

National literature searches in the following public service and policy areas:

  •  Arts and Community Renewal
  •  Economic Development Incentives
  •  Election Practices
  •  Forms of Local Government
  •  Growth Management
  •  Homeland Security
  •  Inner-City Renewal
  •  Libraries as Economic Development Tools
  •  Local Government Productivity
  •  Main Street Renewal
  •  Model Government Charters
  •  Municipal Investment and Community Renewal
  •  Museums as Economic Development Tools
  •  Privatization of Public Services   
  •  Regional Government Innovations
  •  Sports Stadiums and Arenas
  •  Strategic Planning          

 Recent college courses designed and taught in the following subject areas:

  •  Budgeting and Financial Management
  •  Fiscal Management for Local Government
  •  Intergovernmental Relations
  •  Local Government Finance
  •  Problems of Metropolitan Areas
  •  Public Budgeting Techniques and Processes
  •  Public Organizations and Management
  •  Public Policy Analysis
  •  Public Policy Formulation and Implementation
  •  Research Techniques and Applications
  •  Theory, Ethics and Practice in Public Service
  •  Urban Politics
  •  Urban and Regional Economic Development

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 Advancing excellence in state-of-the-art planning, management, and
   financial practices in the field of Town-Gown Relations

 Working with elected and appointed officials, and other major stakeholders,
   to establish and improve desired Town-Gown Relations programs

 Help you to BYOB - Balance Your Own Budget, while working with major
   Town-Gown Relations stakeholders

 Performing all services in an efficient and effective manner

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